NFT Pass Members

Only PASS members may login and enjoy the REWARDS! If you did not MINT your PASS you can do so by following the MINT button.



Show off your combat skills with being able to fully customize your Gear and Weapons. Every choice you make will change the impact in the game.

Gear Customization

Customize your gear to what you think will be needed in the BattleVerse. Epic and Rare NFT gear will be available.

Weapon Customization

Customize your weapons to your envoirment, just dont leave the NVG's at home. Epic and Rare NFT weapons will be available.

Tanks & MORE

It's not a FPS without tanks and more.

Mint NFT's

Mint to unlock Epic/Rare ingame Weapons and Gear. As MOST weapons and gear are free ingame these NFT's are LIMITED editions that up the playing field.


Actual images of game and Development. Follow our journey on bridging mass gaming to crypto.

DOWNLOAD BattleVerse

FREE to play on all platforms. (COMING SOON)